Has that bargain motor turned out to be an old banger? Or has your new set of wheels been slapped with a parking ticket? We have advice to help you get your money back when things go wrong.

New and used cars

Have you bought a shiny new car that's filled with faults? Or have you been sold a second-hand car that's unfit for the road? We can help if you've got a car that's not what you paid for.

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Car warranties

Being fobbed off by a car warranty provider refusing to pay out? Confused about a dealer warranty versus an extended warranty?  Our guides explain your rights and how to take action. 

Car insurance

Car insurance is a legal requirement when driving in the UK. But if you're not happy with the way your insurance company treats you, you have the right to complain. Our guides can help you.

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Parking tickets

If you’ve been issued with a parking ticket you think is unfair, you have the right to challenge it. Our guides and free letter tools help you appeal and provide the information you need.

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Car hire

Hiring a car for a holiday can be a great way to get around. But tempers can fray if you get to your destination to find the car you booked isn't what you get. Or if you're hit with extra charges. We explain your rights.

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Garage services

If you’ve been disappointed by service from a garage there are things you can do, including escalating a complaint to the ombudsman or the small claims court. Our guides can help you.

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Road maintenance complaints

If poor road maintenance has caused damage or made you feel unsafe, our guides on potholes and faulty cat's eyes can help you to make a report or claim compensation.

Speeding tickets

No one wants to get a speeding ticket but if you think it’s undeserved, you may be able to appeal. Our guides contain information and advice about when you can challenge a speeding ticket and what is involved in the appeals process.


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